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31 August 2008 @ 03:17 pm
Hiatus Challenge #10 WRAP UP  
The countdown to the start of Season Four has now dwindled down to a matter of hours, and thanks to some very busy people, the response to Challenge #10 means we're going out with a bang! Thanks to everyone who participated, and to anyone who'd still like to play, all the challenges remain open for your writing pleasure. *g*

Crosses to Bear by lauratnz

Breathe by clair_de_lune

Hindsight by msgenevieve

The Wall by lizparker6

Be Safe by meryam90

Second Language by clair_de_lune

Passion by miss_zara

The Wall, Part Two by lizparker6

Bumping Into Jane by clair_de_lune

The Wall, Part Three by lizparker6

Facing Tomorrow by lizparker6

Over the Top by lizparker6

Eppur si muove (Yet it does move!) by pluschi

Snapshots of Illusionary Correction (parts 1 and 2) by badboy_fangirl

When a Man loves a Woman by jendill

In Her Hands by linzi20

Believe by meryam90

Familial Obligation by lizparker6

Funny Story by lizparker6

Broken Skins, Broken Souls by falsemurmur

Making Lemonade by badboy_fangirl

Coming Clean by wrldpossibility

Allies by lauratnz

Waiting Game by chatty_cat

So, there you have it. Another hiatus down, and a new season about to start. To everyone who's jumped in and picked up a challenge, thank you so much for playing. We'll be back after the mid-season hiatus, whenever that may be, so until then, ENJOY SEASON FOUR. *waves*
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