Former wild child of the 80's (sierra_foxx) wrote in pbhiatus_fic,
Former wild child of the 80's

It's that time again!

Hello everyone!

We're baaaack - did you miss us? We're here a little earlier than previously expected, it's true - courtesy of the writers strike - but we at pbhiatus_fic are up to the job and more than ready to step up and help you fill the Prison Break void until that dreaded hiatus is over!

With that in mind, we are launching our first challenge as of today, so listen up!

Challenge #1: Bottoms Up
What to do: Write a story (drabble, ficlet, multi-chaptered, it's up to you) that involves a character/s that are drunk, set in any season thus far. You can write in any category - AU, canon, het, slash, gen, whatever floats your boat.

Once you’re ready to share your story with the world, post it on your LJ (or wherever you normally post your fic), then post a link there in this thread. You have until the 25th of Nov to post your challenge response but if you can’t make that, don’t stress, because let’s face it, a late story is better than no story.

*raises her glass*

Cheers everyone!
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