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Prison Break Hiatus Fic Challenges

is it march yet?

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Anybody , Moderated
–noun, plural
1. a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.


* Constructive criticism is both welcome and encouraged. Flaming is, of course, not welcome but I'm sure we all know the difference by now.

* Please label your stories appropriately, giving the rating and pairing (if any). A brief summary would also be most appreciated.

* Spell-check. No, really. We mean it. Formatting is good too.

* All stories must be behind an LJ cut. If you're new to LJ and are unsure as to what an LJ cut is, one of our friendly Mods will be only to happy to explain.

* All fic is welcome. Het, slash and gen, not to mention any and all pairings.

* Please 'tag' all your entries. If you require a 'tag' that has not been created, please email one of the mods.

* Please submit only newly written fic. If it's been posted elsewhere, consider this is your chance to write something new.

* All stories should be canon/character-based, so that means no RPF (real person fiction) please.

* Lastly, your friendly Mods are wrldpossibility, sierra_foxx, scribblecat and msgenevieve.

Big thanks to the clever smirky_turkey for creating our beautiful header.